The Clem Manifesto

Some of you who were in Ellensburg in the early 1990s may remember Christopher Clem.  Well, come to think of it, how could you not remember him.  Cutting to the chase, "Clem" was known for wandering around town and the CWU campus engaging in various rants and debates with anyone who would entertain them.  As you will read in the attachment, many of his ideas weren't all that rational, if even coherent.

At some point, I was in a place and Clem was in that same place, and the political literature I now call the "Clem Manifesto" made it into my hands, and later into my files for posterity.  Here, in four full, single-spaced pages, you will be introduced to the "Clem Doctrine", as I will call it.  Take some time to study this propaganda, please.

This document served as a campaign pamphlet for Christopher when he ran for city council in Ellensburg.  Keep that important point in mind as you read it -- city council, of a small town.  What do you think about in that context?... Barking dogs, pot holes, basic public services?  Well there isn't much of that in the Clem Manifesto.  Clearly the man had some opinions though, and the Ellensburg City Council was to be the launching pad for his meeting with world destiny.

Posting something like this walks a bit of a line as far as taking advantage of someone to have fun at their expense.  However, though Clem clearly had some synapses that weren't quite firing on all cylinders, he was a fully-functioning independent adult freely engaging the public and the world at his own direction.

Now, without further adieu, the Clem Manifesto.  Oh, and remember -- free John Hinckley Jr.

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14 MAR 2010